ENR/FR/RRM 1001 Orientation and Information Systems
(Information Systems Lab Component)

University of Minnesota
College of Natural Resources
Fall Semester 2005

Welcome to the web site for the information systems component of ENR/FR/RRM 1001. There are seven lab sessions for the information systems component. Background materials to assist students in understanding the intent and conduct of each lab are provided at this web site. All labs have an accompanying assignment that must be submitted and will be graded. The assignments constitute 40 points toward your ENR/FR/RRM 1001 grade; no separate grade is given for the lab. Those 40 points are broken down among lab assignments as follows: Labs 1, 4, 5, 7 - five (5) points each; Lab 2 - six (6) points; Labs 3 and 6 - seven (7) points each.

It is expected that students will be able to complete assignments using the background materials presented with the lab. The likely exception is Lab 3 that involves the use of special equipment that will only be available during the scheduled lab time. Other labs may be submitted anytime BEFORE the due date; late assignments are penalized as described in the course syllabus. If you require assistance completing a lab assignment, be sure to attend the corresponding scheduled lab. You may also e-mail the TA, Katherine Windfeldt (wind0044@umn.edu), or the instructor, Tom Burk (tburk@umn.edu), to obtain assistance or schedule a meeting to obtain assistance. The instructor would also like to hear from you regarding what additional information/resources should be made available at this web site to assist in completing the assignments.

Students who are already "information systems proficient" have an alternative for completing the Lab component of ENR/FR/RRM 1001.

Note for Labs 2 and 3 (and possibly 4) you will need a writeable CD to submit your assignment on.

Labs are held in room 35 NRAB. Students are encouraged to use assigned lab time effectively as the CNR Computer Lab (35 NRAB) is heavily scheduled with classes this semester.

Assignment grading/feedback is available at a password protected site.

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