Dr. Thomas E. Burk
College of Natural Resources
University of Minnesota

Thomas E. Burk is Professor of Forest Biometrics, Department of Forest Resources, College of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota. Prior to coming to the University of Minnesota in 1985, he was on the forestry faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for four years. He also has experience with the U.S. Forest Service and has consulted with forestry industries and agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Burk has a Ph.D. in forest biometrics (1981) and an M.S. in statistics (1979) from the University of Minnesota and received a B.S. in forestry from Iowa State University in 1976.

Burk's research interests include computer modeling and simulation applied to natural resource systems, development of ecosystem change modeling methodology, use of auxiliary information in sample survey design and analysis, and applications of computing technology in natural resource management. He is author of over 120 technical publications including 40 refereed journal articles on these subjects. His teaching responsibilities involve courses in biometrics and computer applications and participation in the President's Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program and the National Science Foundation's summer high school scholar program.

Burk is a member of a number of professional/honorary societies including the Society of American Foresters in which he was the National Chairman of the Biometrics Working Group. He has served on the editorial boards of Forest Science, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Tree Physiology, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, and is currently an Associate Editor for Silva Fennica.. He has international research and consulting experience in the Peoples Republic of China, Finland, and Sweden. At the University of Minnesota he has chaired several computer-related committees including the Senate Committee on Computing and Information Systems and the President's Supercomputer Taskforce.

His current academic responsibilities include:

FR/NRES 1001 - Orientation and Information Systems
NRES 3001 - Colloquium
FR 2104 - Measuring Forest Resources
FR 3218/5218 - Measuring and Modeling Forests
FR 5228 - Advanced Topics in Assessment and Modeling of Forests

Growth Modeling and Information Delivery Tools for Ecosystem Management
Enhanced <Internet> Access for Forest Management Planning
TerraSIP: A Spatial Information Partnership for Land Managers
MapServer Open Source Web Mapping Software
Upper Midwest Regional Earth Science Applications Center
Geospatial Data and Analysis for Wildlife Refuge Management and Planning
Integrating Satellite Remote Sensing into Forest Inventory and Management

Outreach and Service
Midwest Forest Mensurationists Meetings
Integrated Tools for Natural Resources Inventories Conference
Quicker/Cheaper Stand Assessments
New Tools & Techniques in Forest Mensuration
A Computerized Density Management Diagram for Red Pine
Forestry on the Internet

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