Measuring Forest Resources
FR 2104
(1 Credit)

This course is offered at the Cloquet Forestry Center. The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the use and care of forestry instruments and to give students an introduction to the techniques used in field forest measurements and timber cruising. The course is presented to the students under the assumption that they have had no prior exposure to this aspect of forestry, either in the classroom or in the field. Field exercises are used to teach the principles of field measurements. Classroom lectures are used only to the extent needed to get the student started on field work.

The specific exercises involved in the course are:

Course/measurements overview
Pacing and introduction to compass usage
Basic GPS operation
Tree diameter measurement
More on compass and pacing
More on GPS operation
Public land survey
Maps/aerial photography
Traversing and mapping
GPS line and polygon collection and storage
Tree height measurement
Stem analysis
Tree contents
Site index
Stand structure with fixed-radius plots
Timber cruising with variable-radius plots

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