Quicker/Cheaper Stand Assessments

In October 1999 I began giving talks and workshops on more efficient timber stand assessments for Lake States forestry practice. Materials from those presentations will be made available here as I find the time. To begin with I am making available for download, three simple Microsoft Excel workbooks that implement single phase, two phase, and the Big BAF sampling methods. The worksheets are provided "as is" with no warranty by the author or the University of Minnesota as to accuracy or usability. No documentation is available at the moment nor can I answer questions about the worksheets. They simply illustrate the methods and show that generic software can do a very adequate job of summarizing cruise data.

Click on any link and save the file to your own disk. None of the worksheets contain macros.

I refer to USDA Technical Bulletin 1104 repeatedly in the workshops. A reproduction of that bulletin is available in PDF format here (1.4MB).

I have put together a PowerPoint slide show to illustrate how the mirage and walk-through methods of boundary overlap correction work. The slides are animated so require Internet Explorer to view. Slides 2 and 4 are animated; when the slide is displayed, click on the slide to move through the animation (total of five times).

John Bell maintains a Web site on topics of interest to cruisers and forest inventory specialists.

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