Resinosa - A Computerized Density Management Diagram for Red Pine


Resinosa is an interactive Density Management Diagram (DMD) designed to assist foresters with the evaluation of red pine management alternatives. Unlike traditional DMDs, Resinosa is model based and incorporated within a Microsoft Excel workbook. The chief advantage to this approach is that it frees the forester from the tedium and inaccuracies of the pencil and paper approach inherent within the traditional DMD. Management scenarios, DMD-based and otherwise, can be tested quickly and easily using a set of menus designed with Excel's Visual Basic for Applications tools. Data input is aided by menus, allowing those unfamiliar with Excel to quickly take advantage of Resinosa's capabilities.


Resinosa works with Microsoft Excel 2000 or XP. It will not work with earlier versions. Users are strongly discouraged from attempting to run Resinosa with earlier versions of Excel.

Getting Started:

The file you download is a self-extracting archive. Execute it and save the Resinosa.xls file in the location of your choice. Resinosa is run like any ordinary Excel workbook. It is a highly automated workbook built around the Visual Basic for Applications language. Because of this, when Resinosa is first opened you will likely be prompted to enable macros. Should this prompt appear on your screen you should choose Enable Macros; Resinosa will not work otherwise. Resinosa will also not work when Excel's macro security is set too high (often the installation default). If this is the case, choose Tools / Macro / Security from Excel's menu bar and set the security level to Medium or Low. Additional information for getting started can be found in the Resinosa Users Manual.

Download Resinosa and Documentation:

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