1996 Annual Meeting - Postlude

Front row l-r: Weisberg, Liu, LeMay, Bell, Zeisler, Borders, Moser, Burk.
Row two l-r: Weber, Rennie, Frayer, Holdaway, Brand, Leary, Robinson, Sitde.
Row three l-r: Prettyman, Wachelka, Spetich, Krohn, Chen, Baldwin, Larsen.
Row four l-r: Londo, Franco-Lopez, Desanker.
Row five l-r: Carr, Solomon, Mize, Chin, Morrow, Zakrzewski.
Top row l-r: Mackenzie, Deegan, Stansfield, Lynch, Holmes, Edgar, Fairweather, Ek.
Not pictured: Berguson, Berns, Eschle, Furnival, Hansen, Ludwig, Mack, Marshall, Negron, Shifley, Teck, Tudor, Vandendriesche, Wilson.

By most all accounts the 1996 meeting was a success. There were 54 people in attendance. All 18 speakers were well-prepared and gave polished presentations. The accommodations and food were very good.

Sandy Weisberg gave an outstanding overview of regression graphics: so good that the slide operators wondered whether we were in town!

Fred Wolff's after banquet talk on Lake Superior shipwrecks kept everyone entertained on Tuesday evening.

Don Prettyman gave us an excellent introduction to biophysical inventories and provided us with a good excuse to get into the woods; the rain basically cooperated.

A number of people took an alpine slide ride after we recessed. The only known casualty was a pair of Alan Ek's pants (sorry, no picture).

The 1997 Midwest Forest Mensurationists' Meeting will be hosted by Dave Wilson of Menominee Tribal Enterprises, Wisconsin and will likely be in September. You'll hear more after the first of the year.

Thanks to all for your participation!

Tom Burk
Mark Hansen

PS - The original meeting information is still available.

PSS - Several people requested the "R.A. Fisher Lecture photo" T. Burk used in his talk.

Front row l-r: Hepting, Haig, Forsling, Fisher, Schumacher, Hasel, Coile.
Row two l-r: Keen, Harper, Gevorkiantz, Chapman, Lexon, Buell, Meyer, MacKinney.
Row three l-r: Frothingham, Price, Davis, Sims, Osborne, Miss Day, Blythe, Roberts.
Back row l-r: Chaikin, Wilford, Barrett, Hursh, Miss ?, Miss DeLashmut, Miss Johnson, Reineke, Schnur, Connaughton, Bickford.

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