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Things are finally coming together for the 31st annual Midwest Mensurationists Meeting that is scheduled for September 8-11, 1997 on the Menominee Reservation, Keshena, WI. Many people have volunteered to present papers and the Menominee Tribe is ready to welcome you. I hope you all still plan on attending. Please fill out the registration form and return it as soon as possible.

There are still many things to firm up on the agenda, especially confirming the presenters. I hope I have scheduled all of you who let me know during the preliminary announcement that you wanted to present a paper. To confirm your presentation, please e-mail, fax or call Dave Wilson no later than July 31, 1997. I will also need a brief abstract on your paper to hand out at the meeting. If I missed you or have the title wrong in the agenda, let me know as soon as possible. If you would like to present a paper and haven't submitted a title, let me know yet, there may still be an opportunity as the agenda is firmed up.

All of those who said they were probably coming also indicated that they would like to attend a field trip. Marshall Pecore, the forest manager at Menominee Tribal Enterprises will be leading the tour, along with some of the forestry staff members. This will give attendees a chance to visit this unique and exciting forest.

The focus of the first morning of the conference will be on the history and use of Continuous Forest Inventory (CFI) in forest management. Two panels are being put together, one to present a look back into the beginnings of CFI in the Lake States and the principles behind CFI, and the other to look at contemporary uses. Both panels will provide a chance for all to increase our knowledge in the use of CFI in forest management.

This is the only mailing that you will receive, and it was only sent to those who replied that they were or might be coming to the meeting. Please share your package with those who are interested, but didn't receive information.

Feel free to contact me at the numbers below. See you in the fall.

Contact Person:

        Dave Wilson
        Menominee Tribal Enterprises
        P.O. Box 670
        Keshena, WI 54135
        phone: (715) 799-3896
        fax: (715) 799-4323
        e-mail: mpecore@mail.wiscnet.net
Preliminary meeting information is still available.

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